BaseAce 3D


Base Ace is a brand new concept that provides you with exciting and expandable 3D structures on which to build and play.

Our robust wooden kits can be customized, connected and expanded to create environments such as space stations, castles or an exciting backdrop for a superhero mission.

Discover a whole new world of mini figure adventures by adding an exciting new dimension to your building bricks. Base Ace will inspire creative play and provide hours of fun, time and time again.

Connect, expand and explore new combinations by joining our kits together to create new shapes. Transform an inter-galactic space ship into an awesome power generator or change a curious alien planet into your master criminals multi-story command centre…you decide!

Base Ace kits simply slot together, no tools or glue required. They are available in a variety of shapes and colour schemes.

A range of accessories is also available. Connectors can join one of more kits together and Transporter Platforms will link one base to another. Our LED lights will illuminate platforms to make your bases glow in the dark. Record and playback your own sound effects such as explosions, sirens, lasers, missiles, vehicle sounds or music using our unique Sound FX modules.

Every family has a box of LEGO and a collection of Mini Figures. Base Ace will encourage your children to use the LEGO they already have, so just get those bricks back out of the box and build?!

Our base plate accessories are fully compatible with all leading brands.