Framedup was founded in 2008 and we specialise in creating unique and quirky pieces of art. Our frames have been described as many things – “sick”, “awesome” and “the best thing that has ever been seen!”
We use a range of original and custom parts to put together a huge selection of minifigures for our frames. We love nothing more than spending time creating unique pieces as tributes for stars from the world of the small and silver screen, as well as sports stars, musicians and characters from comic books and cartoons.

There is nowhere you can find Jon Snow sitting alongside Slash and Axl Rose, or The Powerpuff Girls sharing a wall with The Blues Brothers – it really does need to be seen to be believed. A trip to the Framedup stand is a must at Bricklive! Take time to enjoy the wonder that a little minifigure can become and see some creations that you will not see anywhere else. All our frames are made in limited runs.

A Framedup original pieces makes a great gift, especially for those who already have everything. Or, how about you treat yourself for a change?